Session 6
This section contains all of the suggested discussion questions for class meetings.
    (5’) Welcome Back
      Students share any updates for the class; any comments lingering from the last session
    (60’) SME Speaks + Q/A
      Dr. Richard Wardrop shares his perspectives on ways to imbue high value care into your own practice and into that of your team. He shares strategies for identifying and understanding your institution's culture, why culture matters if you want to make high value care changes, and how through meaningful engagement with your work, your colleagues, and your patients you can reject burnout and find professional and personal fulfillment. Super inspiring talk! Finally, he also discusses how he and a team were able to quickly deploy a high value strategy for conserving their blood donation supplies during the COVID pandemic.
**(10') Break
    (30’) Debrief on Ordering Wisely Activities // Mini-Prez
      What are the steps to developing a HVC lab project as described in the Borowitz talk?
        Figure out what you want to accomplish
        Pick targets - talk to colleagues/Choosing Wisely
        Figure out if you have a problem - there are lots of things to do but not all are relevant to your institution
          Have access to the EHR
          Where is the problem so you can engage the right stakeholders
        Decide on your outcomes
          I.e., Saving by Decreasing Volumes
            You & stakeholders have to know the difference between costs/charges
            Rare interventions affect labor or instrumentation
            Be aware of hidden costs
          Downstream effects - these can be different to measure
        Plan your intervention
          Get buy in from stakeholders
          EMR based interventions
        Round-Robin style, students share a few things they learned from their selected videos
        Among the resources provided, which do you consider most useful? Which would they integrate into their practice?
      (15') Prescription Lowering Resources:
        What are some of the tips suggested by the Patient-Education Tips (UptoDate article)? Prior to talking to doctor, teach patients to...
          Create a medication list and to ask about lower-cost alternatives
          Ask their insurance company about lower-cost alternatives
          Shop around and find the lowest prices
        How would you want to share these tips to your patients?
        How do you feel about the onus being on both the patient and on the provider to ensure medication adherence?
        Did you find a HVC prescribing resource that you prefer to use?
        Did you try the MedStopper tool?
    (5') Wrap-up
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