Final Project

Ideas generated from the Inaugural Class at UNC School of Medicine

Students generated a ton of amazing ideas for their final project. The parameters were deliberately vague, asking students to reflect on low value care they (or a family member) witnessed or experienced and innovate a solution that improves upon that care experience. Ideas ranged from narrative reflections, to creating new clinics, to critically evaluating existing programs that target the same or similar issues.

Optionally, you can choose to have students submit their final projects earlier in their course to allow for more class discussion and debrief time.

Here are some of their project titles:

  • Narrative Reflection on Low Value Care Experience as an Undergraduate Student

  • An IPU Approach to High Value Care for Women Experiencing Endometriosis

  • A Value-Based Approach to Opioid Use Disorder via PCMHs and MAT; spotlight on local program Project CARA

  • Ideas for Implementing High Value Care principles into the Undergraduate Medical Curriculum

  • Initiatives for Improving Patient & Provider Health Literacy

  • Addressing Timely Psychiatric Care in North Carolina EDs; critical evaluation of NC-STeP

  • Tablets as Replacement for Premedications in Pediatric Preoperative Care

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